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Please note we have recently gone through a huge update to our platform. If you signed up after December 20th, you are on the new platform. Many of our support docs still refer to the legacy version of the service, but we're working hard to update so all your questions will have answers. If anything comes up in the interim, just contact us at support!

Disclaimers, Acceptable Use & Important Information About The Invitation Manager

Please Note Legacy Only: This help doc refers to features in our Legacy showers. Any shower created after December 20th, 2019 will be on our Modern shower with different features, and the information below will NOT necessarily apply. 

  • Use of the Web Baby Shower Invitation Manager is subject to the Terms of Service, Acceptable Use, Privacy and Anti-Spam policies. The difference when you are using the Invitation Manager is that these rules apply to you as the sender of the email.
  • The Invitation Manager is meant for the sole purpose of inviting your friends and family to your Web Baby Shower and updating them about your Web Baby Shower as it progresses. This is strictly enforced.
  • The email messages have been written to keep Web Baby Shower from being blacklisted as a spammer. If you do not like the wording of the messages here in the Invitation Manager, please use your own personal email account to invite your friends and family.
  • Due to circumstances beyond Web Baby Shower’s control, many spam filters consider any email sent from a website to be spam no matter what. There is a very distinct possibility that many of your guests will not receive email sent from the Invitation Manager because spam filters will block it. Unfortunately, there really is nothing that Web Baby Shower can do about this. If you notice that your guests are not receiving your messages sent via the Invitation Manager, please copy & paste the messages from the Invitation Manager into an email and send it to your guests from your own email account or use the “Send Yourself” links to automatically create an email to send through your own email account.
  • Messages sent using the Invitation Manager will use the Host’s email address on file with Web Baby Shower as the “Reply To:” address. If you do not want the emails to be sent using this email address, please either change and confirm your email address on the Edit My Profile page, or do not use the Invitation Manager to send messages to your Guest List.
  • Web Baby Shower provides this Invitation Manager as a convenience to the hosts. Any abuse or misuse of this feature will result in loss of use of the Guest List and Invitation Manager and possibly the termination of your Web Baby Shower. This feature is intended to help you manage your online shower, NOT to be your personal email program.
  • In order to help prevent Web Baby Shower from being blacklisted by email servers, a maximum of 250 emails per hour are sent from the entire Web Baby Shower network. If your guest list is long, or if the site is busy, it may take several hours for all emails to be sent. We apologize for any inconvenience and appreciate your patience. Again, you are welcome to copy & paste the messages or use the “Send Yourself” links and send them from your own email account.
  • If your Guest List is empty or if you have sent over 250 emails through the Invitation Manager in the past two hours, you must copy & paste the messages or use the “Send Yourself” links to send the text messages through your own email account.
  • You may send Invitation Manager messages to your entire Guest List or to just new guests entered “today”. If you wish to send individual messages, please use “Send Yourself” and send the message through your own email account.

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