Hello Everyone!

Please note we have recently gone through a huge update to our platform. If you signed up after December 20th, you are on the new platform. Many of our support docs still refer to the legacy version of the service, but we're working hard to update so all your questions will have answers. If anything comes up in the interim, just contact us at support!

Web Baby Shower Privacy Base

Please Note Legacy Only: This help doc refers to features in our Legacy showers. Any shower created after December 20th, 2019 will be on our Modern shower with different features, and the information below will NOT necessarily apply. 

Web Baby Shower is an unlisted, virtual baby shower website provider. If you are hosting a Web Baby Shower, your Web Baby Shower comes with the built-in privacy protection that you must use the unlisted link that is emailed to you in the “Your Web Baby Shower is Ready!” email when you sign up. You must share the private link with your guests by email, social media, or other direct communication. The only way to find a Web Baby Shower is by using the unlisted link to it. At this time you cannot search for a Web Baby Shower and you cannot log into your Host Control Panel through the main webbabyshower.com website.

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