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Please note we have recently gone through a huge update to our platform. If you signed up after December 20th, you are on the new platform. Many of our support docs still refer to the legacy version of the service, but we're working hard to update so all your questions will have answers. If anything comes up in the interim, just contact us at support!

Photos Feature: Featured Images

From the Host Control Panel Dashboard, choose the Home Page Manager, Guest Book Manager, Gift Registry Links Manager, Birthday Bets Manager or Games Manager, depending on which page you would like to add your own featured image to.

Once you are editing the desired page, click the “Set Featured Image” link in the Featured Image box.

You can choose an image that is already in your media library or upload a new one using the Set Featured Image popup dialog box. The process is very similar to adding photos to your Photo Album, so you can visit the Photo Album Manager help page if you need more instructions.

When you have selected your desired photo, be sure to click the “Set Featured Image” submit button. The dialog box will close and you will now see a thumbnail of your Featured Image in the Featured Image box.

When you are done, be sure to click the “Save Changes” button to save your Featured Image, and any other changes, to your page.

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